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Blend #2

100% Arabica / light roast / medium acidity, dark chocolate and fruits

This is our light-and-bright blend, created as a bright cup with acidity and fruitiness balanced by dark chocolate notes that linger long after sipped; adding milk to this one, no matter the brewing method, brings out flavors of caramel and toffee.

We do not carry this coffee any longer but will roast it especially for you if you order 1.5 kg and above. 

100% Arabica
coffee weight 1.5kg
nahat coffee origin Light
nahat coffee flavor notes Dark Chocolate & Fruits


Contact us to make your special order.  Perfect for busy homes, or even busier offices!

THIS BLEND GOES WELL WITH Many TYPES OF GRIND & BREWING METHODS, including various Filter methods & Moka Pot
Chemex Coffee at Nahat Cafe     French Press at Nahat   Moka Pot at Nahat


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