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India Sethuraman Estate Robusta

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Robusta / dark roast/ nuts, pleasant bitterness, rich and creamy body

India Sethuraman Estate

This single-origin Specialty Robusta is one of our greatest prides. Sethuraman Estates is a 7th generation coffee farm currently owned and managed by Nishant Gurjer. They are a multiple award winning farm and the most acclaimed producer of specialty robusta coffees in the world, winning the India Fine cup competition several times and becoming the first producer to have a coffee R Grade Certified by CQI (Coffee Quality Institute)

cupping score 84.67

100% Robusta
coffee weight 200g / 500g / 1KG
nahat coffee origin Dark
nahat coffee flavor notes Nuts, Pleasant Bitterness, Rich& Creamy Body

THIS single origin GOES WELL especially as espresso, moka and turkish, with or WITHOUT MILK ADDED
Espresso Coffee at Nahat Cafe Moka Pot at Nahat





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