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San Pedro Necta Guatemala


Arabica / light-medium roast/chocolate, peach, nutty, caramel

San Pedro Necta is a municipality located within the Huehuetenango growing region of northern Guatemala. Affectionately referred to as Huehue (pronounced “whey-whey”) and sometimes simply abbreviated HHT, the region is among the more sought-after coffee growing regions in the country. Generally higher elevations and later harvest periods with slightly cooler temperatures tend to yield higher than average qualities from established estates

cupping score 88

100% Arabica
coffee weight 200g
nahat coffee origin Light-Medium
nahat coffee flavor notes chocolate, peach, nutty, caramel

This origin goes well with all types of filter methods, with and without milk added
French Press at Cafe Nahat  Chemex Coffee at Nahat Cafe

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