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Finca El Morito Guatemala


Arabica / medium-dark roast/blueberry, citrus fruit, stone fruit, and a full body.

One of Guatemala’s best coffee farms led by Mr. Roberto Monterroso. Coffee is a passion for Mr Monterroso and he constantly refines his processes and readily experiments with new processing and cultivation methods as well as new cultivars and varieties. Having placed several times amongst the top-3 at Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence competition speaks for itself. won 4th place in 2017 cup of excellence

cupping score 89

100% Arabica
coffee weight 200g
nahat coffee origin Medium-Dark
nahat coffee flavor notes blueberry, citrus fruit, stone fruit, full body

Please Note There is a Minimum Order Amount of 60₪

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This origin goes well with all types of filter methods, with and without milk added
French Press at Cafe Nahat  Chemex Coffee at Nahat Cafe

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